Angle Tree 2023

  • The Angel Tree will go up November 9th. 
    • It’s completely Anonymous to everyone except Ms. Chun.
    • When filling out an in-person Angel Card you must also fill out your info on our info sheet. (Info sheets will only be seen by Ms. Chun).  
    • Please make sure to add your info sheet # on your Angel Card so Ms. Chun knows who each gift goes too.  
  • Parents and Staff can choose an Angel Card to fulfill. 
    • You may take an Angel Card off  the tree starting November 20th.
    • You must fill out your info and the # of Angel Card you take on our Fulfillment Sheet.   
    • Gifts must be wrapped and Angel Card must be attached to the top with # visible. 
    • Angel Gifts must be delivered to Ms. Chun by December 11th so the family can receive before winter break.  
As Christmas approaches and we prepare for joyous holiday celebrations, we ask that everyone remembers those who may not be as fortunate or are in need of a helping hand.   To help make wishes come true, the PTO is bringing back the Angel Tree in the school lobby where any of our children or families can place a wish.  Whether in need of a new jacket, shoes,  present for someone special, or even help with a holiday dinner, we can do our best to see that wish full-filled.       
Children or families who would like to request a wish can do so via the form below – this form will go directly to Ms. Chun (for her eyes only)

    Parent/Guardian Information

    Angel Tree


    Go to Ms. Chun’s office to fill out an anonymous card.  They may place it on the tree or ask Ms. Chun, or another faculty member to place it for them.   All wishes must be placed on the tree by December 1st.   

    If you would like to grant a wish, please consider grabbing one of the angel cards off the tree (following the instructions below) starting November 20th through December 8th.  The Angel Tree will be up for wish granting until Winter Break.  We ask that any granted gifts be wrapped with the Angel Card and Number easily readable on the top of package.  All gifts should be delivered by 9am,  December 11th to the front office.  Ms. Chun will make sure each child receives their package no later then end of day Friday, December 15th.